Manual welding equipment


Automatic welding equipment:

Austrian IGM Gantry Automatic Welding Robot

Six-axis, double-head, double-wire, laser tracking

Track length: 92m


Friction stir welding equipment: Gantry track length: 85m

Design welding wall thickness range: 0-18mm


Austrian IGM car body assembly welding production line

: Used to complete the automatic welding of the longitudinal welds between the underframe and the side wall on the outer side of the car body, and the side wall and the top cover.

      It is suitable for assembling and welding all aluminum alloy rail car bodies with a length of 28m and a width of 2.6m to 3.4m.

      Meet the requirements of simultaneous assembly and welding of two car bodies.


Matsushita Welder


Japan OTC welding machine


French Sappho Welder


Cantilever welding robot: Maximum stroke:

9.2m×3m (vertical axis)


Car body floor group welding tooling


Assembly welding tool for side wall of car body


Car body dome group welding tooling


4T-10T head and tailstock turning positioner


Assembly welding tool for car body side roof


Assembly welding tooling for car body and roof


Car body underframe assembly welding tooling


Car body side wall module group welding tooling


Flexible assembly welding fixture for car body module



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