Mold making


Casting production


Extrusion capacity


Relative devices


The mold workshop has the national advanced four-axis slow-moving wire cutting machine, CNC wire cutting machine, large gantry machining center, vertical machining center, large mold quenching furnace and pit furnace, advanced milling machine, sawing machine, lathe and other molds More than 100 sets of production equipment provide strong equipment guarantee for the processing and production of molds.


The company has introduced 22 advanced fusion casting production lines from Canada, Wagstaff, etc., which can produce all grades of 1-7 series, and the maximum diameter of ingots can reach 784mm.


The company’s extrusion workshop has 102 extrusion production lines, including 81 extruders of each tonnage below 55MN, 11 75MN extruders, 6 90MN extruders, and 4 125MN extruders. At the same time, the company’s newly introduced Two 225MN extruders will also be put into use, when the company's annual production capacity will be expanded to 1.2 million tons.


Equipped with 16.5m dry well vertical quenching furnace, 24MN hydraulic stretch straightening machine, 30m aluminum profile aging annealing furnace, single-column correction press hydraulic press, aluminum profile roll leveling machine and other related extrusion production equipment. The deep processing workshop introduces advanced foreign welding and processing equipment such as IGM, F0OKE, etc., forming an annual processing capacity of 800 rail train carriages.


Large mold

Aluminum profile deep processing


Automatic welding technology of super long profile


CNC Machining Technology for Large Parts Products


Bending technology for large parts products


Assembly welding technology for large parts


Production process of rail car body manufacturing plant-subway underframe







Quality Inspection


Shimadzu Universal Material Testing Machine


Pendulum impact testing machine


High temperature creep endurance testing machine


Shimadzu-Fluorescence Spectrometer


Shimadzu Gas Spectroscopy-Mass Spectrometer


ZEISS Stereo Microscope

Shimadzu, Japan-Scanning Electron Microscopy


ZEISS—Inverted research-grade optical microscopy


Germany ZWICK high cycle fatigue testing machine


Shimadzu, Japan-Low Cycle Fatigue Testing Machine


High-speed EMU products: Mainly cover the floor, side walls, roof, side beams, front skins, skirts, support beams and other vehicle structures of EMU vehicles. The product has a wide range of applications, including EMUs with a speed of 380 kilometers per hour, standardized EMUs with a speed of 350 kilometers, Malaysian EMUs, Macedonian EMUs, and new-type EMUs with a speed of 250 kilometers per hour. Mainly research the extrusion production technology of rail vehicle profiles with complex cross-section structure, large width and thickness, and difficult production.


High-speed train products


Subway products: Mainly cover the whole vehicle structure such as subway profile floor, side wall, roof, side beam, front cover, skirt board, support beam and so on. The product has a wide range of application projects, including Fuzhou Metro Line 1, Tianjin Metro Line 1, Kunming Metro Line 3 projects, etc. Mainly research the extrusion production technology of rail vehicle profiles with complex cross-section structure, large width and thickness, and difficult production.


Magnetic levitation products

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