Five-axis machining center

Maximum workpiece size:


German MUBEA five-axis high-speed machining center Maximum workpiece size: 30m×1m

Taiwan Xiehong Three-axis CNC Machining Center

Workpiece size: 1m-5m

Self-made tooling and processing of small aluminum parts (3+5+2=10 sets)

Japan Yamazaki Mazak CNC Lathe (1 set)

Maximum machining diameter Φ420mm

Maximum processing length 1603mm

Maximum spindle speed rpm 3300

Taiwan Xiehong high-speed three-axis CNC machining center

Automatic tool change system

8 sets (1.1m) 5 sets (1.7m)

3 sets (3.1m) 3 sets (5m)

Japan Yamazaki Mazak five-axis machining center (2 sets)

X: 630mm Y: 1100mm Z: 600mm

The largest workpiece: Φ850×500mm

Maximum spindle speed rpm 18000

Large CNC roll bending machine

Hydraulic press

Small CNC Roll Bender


2D profile stretch bending machine

3D profile stretch bending machine

Other auxiliary processing equipment: equipped with small equipment required for profile processing, double-head sawing machine, single-head sawing machine (maximum sawing 380×120mm), finished sawing machine, hydraulic punching machine, stretcher, drilling machine, end milling, lathe, cylindrical grinder , Vertical milling machines and other equipment.

     It can meet the production processes of sawing, punching, drilling and milling of radiators, solar energy, and aluminum profiles for architectural doors and windows.

Cylindrical grinding machine

Hydraulic press

Porous punch

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