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The rapid rise of aluminum for automobiles

In October 2019, a report issued by the European aluminum industry association said: in 2019, the European Automobile Industry Association

The aluminum content of the vehicle is estimated to reach 190 kg / vehicle, increasing by 20% in three years (since 2016, excluding 2016). The report predicts that the average number of cars

The aluminum content will further increase, reaching almost 200 kg / vehicle in 2025. There are two reasons for the rapid rise of automobile aluminum consumption: one is due to aluminum alloy

Gold has low density and good comprehensive performance. It is the best green material for automobile to achieve energy conservation and emission reduction; The second is the application of electric vehicles, which is expected to become a new trend

The replacement of stone fuel vehicles.

According to the third edition of Ducker frontier's Research Report "aluminum content in cars"

It is expected that the rapid growth period of automotive aluminum will be before 2025 (including 2025). The report predicts that the average aluminum content of European cars will reach

200 kg / vehicle. And 179 kg / vehicle in 2019; The report also said that electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles contain The aluminum content is much higher than the average aluminum content of cars.

The rapid rise of aluminum for automobiles

The rapid rise of aluminum for automobiles

Car manufacturers believe that no matter what car, gasoline car, diesel car or electric car, as long as you use more aluminum, you can reduce the quality of the car and save energy

Emission reduction is beneficial to environmental protection. Because aluminum alloy itself has quite high strength performance, excellent comprehensive performance and strong ability to absorb impact energy, it is The quality of the engine made of steel is 50% lighter and safer than that of natural combustion engine Feed efficiency and CO2 emissions are also reduced accordingly.

Aluminum content of major components in 2019 and 2025

Dakfrontil company has made a detailed study on the aluminum consumption of 28 automobile manufacturers in Europe and made a credible analysis on the aluminum consumption in 2025

According to the accurate prediction of the service, the average aluminum consumption in 2019 is 179 kg / vehicle, which is about the same as that of cars in Japan and the United States, about 20% higher than that in the United States 185kg / vehicle, 2.8% less. See Figure 1 for the aluminum consumption of various systems of European vehicles in 2019. It can be clearly seen that the engine system and wheels are the most aluminum consumption

The second feature is that they mainly use cast aluminum alloy, accounting for 45% of the total aluminum consumption 90%, using low-pressure die-casting aluminum alloy containing silicon with good casting performance. More than 96% of the wheels are die cast, and only buses and racing cars are forged


Except for the engine and wheel system, aluminum is mainly used in other major systems. For example, the panel is made of sheet metal and the heat exchanger is made of aluminum

Foil and pipe, and some extruded materials are used for the chassis. In addition to extruded materials, a small number of forgings are used for the transmission device, but they are few, accounting for only 5.5% of the total consumption4%, because the price of forgings is relatively expensive, on the premise of ensuring safety and use performance, whichever material has high cost performance can be used.

In 2025, the single vehicle consumption of these four materials will increase by 18.1%, 27.1%, 40.53% and 4.9% respectively compared with that in 2019. The slowest growth rate is forging

It can be seen that the amount of forgings used in cars is close to equilibrium.

In terms of aluminum consumption, among the four major automobile manufacturing countries and regions in the world (China, North America, Europe and Japan), 2019 and 2025 can be expected,

China's single car aluminum consumption is the lowest. China is not only the largest country of electric vehicles, but also the world's largest producer of aluminum and aluminum materials, manufacturing automobile

All kinds of aluminum materials for vehicles can be produced in China, which has the basic conditions for manufacturing all aluminum vehicles.

At present, the preparation of automobile parts with multi-purpose aluminum is the best and fastest measure to reduce its own quality, and reducing its own quality is energy conservation and emission reduction.

The use of aluminum in European automobile industry shows that the direction of multi-purpose aluminum in the future is to vigorously develop electric vehicles and increase the Aluminization rate of covering parts, followed by increasing the use of electronics

Aluminum consumption of equipment and motor cover, chassis, body structure and wheels.

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