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Extruded aluminum alloy profiles for construction bridges

Expanded aluminum alloy profiles for construction bridges has a long history ‚ But the dosage is not large ‚ The development speed is not fast either ‚ The reason is that the strength of aluminum is not high enough ‚ It cannot meet the structural requirements. in addition ‚ The price of aluminum is higher than that of steel ‚ Increase the cost of the bridge. Replacing steel with aluminum in bridge structure ‚ The purpose is to reduce the bridge quality, prolong the service life and reduce the maintenance cost ‚ The aluminum bridge requires little maintenance during use ‚ The steel bridge should be maintained every few years.

Extruded aluminum alloy profiles for construction bridges

Extruded aluminum alloy profiles for construction bridges

Advantages of expanded aluminum alloy profiles for construction bridges:

Advantages of aluminum

Aluminum alloy extruded profile is one of the excellent structural materials for building bridges ‚ It is worth popularizing and applying ‚ Its basic advantages can be summarized as follows:

  • low density ‚ About one third of steel;
  • the strength can be equivalent to that of low carbon steel (see Table 1) ‚ Therefore, the specific strength (strength / mass ratio) is much higher than that of steel;
  • strong corrosion resistance ‚ It is slightly corroded by rainwater and road salt ‚ Do not paint after construction ‚ There is no need for regular maintenance during the service period maintain;
  • high toughness ‚ Resistance to low plasticity fracture ‚ No low temperature brittleness ‚ Its mechanical properties increase with the decrease of temperature;
  • strong extrudability ‚ This is important ‚ It can produce various profiles with complex sections required by designers ‚ Increase bearing capacity ‚ Without expensive and time-consuming cutting ‚ It can produce variable section profiles;
  • long and wide hollow profiles can be extruded ‚ It can minimize the number of material blocks of the bridge ‚ Especially the application of friction stir welding ‚ For

Simplifying the manufacturing process plays a great role;

  • due to the application of large extruded materials and their relatively light weight ‚ The bridge can be prefabricated in the factory ‚ It is beneficial to reduce manufacturing cost and transportation cost ‚ Shorten the installation date of the bridge ‚ Short impact on traffic;
  • strong recyclability ‚ Almost all aluminum alloy bridges can be recycled after their use ‚ It is of great significance to the recycling of resources.

Aluminum bridge is lighter than steel bridge, which will bring many self-evident advantages: the most important thing is to reduce the static load on the superstructure ‚ Increase

Vehicle load ‚ At the same time, it can compensate, that is, offset the adverse effects of steel beams and cables on the superstructure and bridge foundation; It is more important for long-span bridges ‚ It can reduce the total load of the bridge; In the earthquake area ‚ Reducing the static load of the bridge can reduce the lateral force exerted by the earthquake ‚ The magnitude of this lateral force is proportional to the static load of the bridge.

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