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Aluminum alloy profile for rail transportation

Advantages of aluminum alloy profile for rail transportation

As early as the 1950s, developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan began to use aluminum profile to manufacture railway vehicles. At present, aluminum alloy materials have been widely used in domestic high-speed railway train bodies. The development of aluminum profile car body in China began in the 1990s. At present, three of the four types of EMUs used in railway passenger dedicated line are made of aluminum alloy. This reflects the advantages of aluminum alloy profile for rail transportation in the application of rail transit car body.

Aluminum alloy profile for rail transportation

Aluminum alloy profile for rail transportation

Realize lightweight, energy saving and consumption reduction. Aluminum alloy profile for rail transportation is the best material for lightweight car body. Because of its low density, excellent specific strength and excellent plastic toughness, aluminum profile can not only meet the safety requirements of high-speed railway, but also greatly reduce the dead weight of the train. Generally speaking, the aluminum alloy used in a high-speed railway carriage is about 9 tons, which is 30% - 50% less than that of all steel. Moreover, for every 10% reduction in weight, the fuel can be saved by 8%, and the effect of energy saving and consumption reduction is obvious.

Easy processing and molding, short manufacturing cycle. Aluminum alloy has excellent processing and molding performance and module welding performance. It can produce large section, special-shaped, thin-walled and hollow profiles up to more than 30 meters in a single extrusion, and has good performance. In the process of car body manufacturing, aluminum profiles only need blanking, assembly and large robot assembly and welding. Compared with the production of plate steel car body, it has the advantages of simple process, time and material saving, low cost and short cycle.

Excellent corrosion resistance and long service life. A dense oxide film is easy to form on the surface of aluminum alloy, which has excellent corrosion resistance in atmospheric environment. If anodizing, electrophoresis, spraying and other surface treatments are adopted, the corrosion resistance of aluminum profile can be further improved, which is conducive to prolonging the service life of car body.

Simple maintenance and easy recycling. Aluminum alloy profile for rail transportation is easy to replace without rust removal. It is suitable for various surface treatments and easy to maintain. The maintenance cost is only 52% of that of steel car body. It is easy to recycle and save resources. The recycling value is about 4.8 times that of steel.

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