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6005A T4 T5 aluminum extrusion

6005A is a typical Al-Mg-Si series medium-strength aluminum alloy, 6005A T4 T5 aluminum extrusion not only has the characteristics of low density and high specific strength, but also has good dimensional stability and machining type, and has become an automotive industry. One of the popular materials for lightweighting.

6005A T4 T5 aluminum extrusion

6005A T4 T5 aluminum extrusion

At the same time of lightweight design of automobiles, it is also necessary to ensure the safety of its collisions. The deformation of the material during the collision is a dynamic response process with a high strain rate, and its strength and plasticity are also affected by the strain rate.

The strength of 6005A aluminum alloy increases with the increase of the strain rate, and the tensile strength and yield strength of the material increase most obviously in the process from quasi-static to the strain rate of 10s-1.

The plasticity of 6005A aluminum alloy increases gradually with the increase of the strain rate, when the strain rate reaches 200S¯1.

In order to obtain 6005A T4 T5 aluminum extrusion with high grain size and high performance, Chalco Aluminum strictly controls the content of Mn, Cr, Ti, Fe and Si elements in the alloy by adjusting the alloy composition of 6005A. The adverse effects of elements on the heat treatment process, adjust the ingot homogenization annealing process, in order to suppress the recrystallization phenomenon in the extrusion process, it is necessary to control the deformation temperature during the extrusion process, and reasonably adjust the extrusion temperature, extrusion low speed, etc. process, and finally a product with uniform structure and excellent performance is obtained.

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