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6008 aluminum extrusion profiles

The development theme of material technology in the world automotive industry is lightweight, high performance, safety, environmental protection and energy saving. Due to the requirements of automobile lightweight, aluminum alloy is gradually replacing steel in some fields and becoming one of the main materials for producing automobile parts. 6008 aluminum extension profiles have great application prospects because of their excellent physical and chemical properties such as corrosion resistance, formability and weldability

6008 aluminum extrusion profiles

6008 aluminum extrusion profiles

6008 alloy has medium strength, good plasticity, corrosion resistance and welding performance. 6008 aluminum extrusion profiles are mainly used to produce solid and hollow extruded products. The composition plays a major role in the performance of the alloy, but different heat treatment methods and processes will also have a significant impact . 6008 aluminum extension profiles are applied to the vehicle body anti-collision parts or vehicle body collision test, which requires excellent plasticity. This paper mainly introduces the effect of aging system on the microstructure and properties of extruded 6008 alloy, in order to formulate the best heat treatment process parameters and obtain the impact aluminum profile of high-speed EMU with good plasticity and certain strength.

(1) In the early trial production of 6008 aluminum extrusion profiles, the cracks produced in the compression test are related to the large amount of insoluble crystalline phase after solid solution and the small amount of timely effective precipitated phase.

(2) During the over aging treatment, the yield strength and tensile strength of 6008 alloy decreased significantly in the temperature range of 175 ~ 220 ℃; However, the yield strength is strong in the temperature range of 200 ~ 210 ℃ and holding time of 8h

The change range of degree and tensile strength is small.

(3) After over aging treatment, the number of precipitates increased compared with natural aging treatment, and the mechanical properties showed a trend of increasing yield strength and decreasing elongation.

(4) It is difficult to control 6008 aluminum extrusion profiles by different solid solution methods, and the mechanical properties of annealed profiles are low. Over aging system 200 ℃ × The mechanical properties of 8h are: yield strength 130Mpa, tensile strength 193mpa, elongation 22%, and there is no obvious crack after compression test, which fully meets the relevant requirements.

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